Proceedings of the International Workshop on
Coupled Methods in Numerical Dynamics

Edited by Zdravko Terze and Chris Lacor



Hardcover: 291 pages

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture

Language: English

ISBN: 978-953-6313-88-4

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Front Matter:

Front Matter (incl. table of contents)

Articles (abstracts):

Arthur Rizzi and Ronald von Kaenel:
Bringing Adaptive-Fidelity CFD to Aircraft Conceptual Desing: CEASIOM

Chris Lacor, Santhosh Tovinakere Jayaraju, Mark Brouns and Sylvia Verbanck:
Simulation of the Airflow in the Upper Airways with Applications to Aerosols

Hrvoje Jasak, Aleksandar Jemcov, Željko Tuković:
OpenFOAM: A C++ Library for Complex Physics Simulations

Andreas Müller:
Geometric Modeling of Multibody Systems

Zdravko Terze:
Numerical Constrained Mechanics of Discrete Systems on Manifolds

Albrecht Eiber:
Mechanics of Human Hearing

Alexander van Zuijlen, Aukje de Boer and Hester Bijl:
A Temporal High-Order Partitioned Method for Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems

Alex Loeven, Jeroen Witteveen and Hester Bijl:
Efficient Uncertainty Quantification in Computational Fluid-Structure Interactions: The Probabilistic Collocation Method in a Two Step Approach

Jean-Marie Marchal:
Linear Algebra for Solving Large Sparse Systems Occurring in Computational Fluid Dynamic

Bernard Molin:
Nonlinear Phenomena in Wave-Body Interaction: Description and Theoretical Modeling

Šime Malenica:
Hydro Structure Interactions in Seakeeping

Zdravko Terze, Milan Vrdoljak, Hinko Wolf, Tomislav Mešinović:
Numerical Simulation of Landing Aircraft Dynamics

Christian Ergenzinger and Peter Eberhard
Dynamics of a Particle Screening Process

Christoph Tobias, Armin Bader and Peter Eberhard
Computer Based Fatigue Analysis of Vehicle Components

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